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Stay mobile with solar power.

SENEC.Wallbox: A charging point for your home, powered by electricity from your roof

By driving an electric car, you are making an important contribution to improving sustainability. And, if you can charge your car easily and affordably with self-generated solar electricity, that’s even better. The SENEC.Wallbox enables you to use the solar electricity generated by your PV system to charge your electric car. This in turn means you use more of your self-generated electricity, cut your electricity costs and take another step towards a sustainable supply of electricity.

SENEC.Wallbox pro s on wooden wall

Product highlights

  • Flexible installation with 11 kW or 22 kW charging capacity for indoor or outdoor areas
  • Two charging modes: fast charging or solar-optimised charging 
  • Charging socket or fixed charging cable with Type 2 connector 
  • DC residual current detection as standard

Smart charging as part of your sustainable energy solution

To help you charge your electric car with as much of your self-generated electricity as possible, the SENEC.Wallbox features two charging modes that you can adjust in the SENEC.App. In the “Solar-optimised charging” mode, the charging capacity of your wallbox automatically adapts to the amount of surplus electricity generated by your PV system. If your PV system is not generating a sufficient surplus at a given time, the charging process pauses until enough self-generated solar-powered electricity is available again. This charges your EV as efficiently as possible with your solar electricity, increasing the proportion of self-generated electricity you use. On occasion, you might need to charge your car quickly – in which case, you can switch to the “Fast charging” mode. In this mode, your EV is charged as quickly as possible  with electricity drawn from your PV system, the grid, or optionally with support from your SENEC.Home storage system.

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The SENEC.Home product family

SENEC.Wallbox pro s
SENEC.Wallbox pro s on concrete wall
Compact and powerful
  • 11 kW charging power  
  • Fixed 7.5 m charging cable with a type 2 plug
  • Up to four SENEC.Wallbox pro s units can be installed in the same location
  • Metal housing in an award-winning design with integrated cable holder
SENEC.Wallbox pro
SENEC.Wallbox pro front view
Adapts flexibly to all requirements
  • 11 kW or 22 kW charging power  
  • Fixed 6 m charging cable with type 2 plug or charging socket
  • Up to four SENEC.Wallbox pro units can be installed in one location
Advantages of the SENEC.Wallbox

EV charging point

Do you already have a solar power system on your roof and an energy storage system installed in your home? If so, the SENEC.Wallbox would be the ideal addition to your personal energy ecosystem as a charging point for your electric car. Installing a charging point for your home enables you to charge your electric car safely and affordably with sustainable green electricity. Watch the following video to find out more about the advantages of wallboxes and special features such as smart charging.

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Red Dot Award
Red Dot Award 2022

Award-winning design

Our customers aren’t the only ones who are impressed with our quality and performance: SENEC battery energy storage systems and wallboxes received the Red Dot Award 2022 for their innovative design.

SENEC.Wallbox pro

SENEC.Wallbox: Reliable green mobility thanks to your SENEC.360 complete solution

The SENEC.Wallbox is fully integrated into your SENEC energy solution. Discover the other components of SENEC.360 and start your journey towards a sustainable supply of electricity.

The smart battery energy storage system for your home
SENEC.Home V3 in a modern building

With the SENEC.Home battery storage device, you can store surplus electricity and use it later, such as in the evening or when the sun isn’t shining.

Self-generated electricity on the road

If your battery is fully charged, any surplus electricity is added to your SENEC.Cloud as virtual credit. With the Cloud to go add-on package, you can even charge your electric car with your own electricity on the go.

Get more out of your PV system
House with SENEC.360 products

With the combination of SENEC.Solar and the SENEC.Home battery storage system, you use more of your self-generated electricity and reduce your exposure to volatile electricity prices.

Installers during planning

Greater independence – and lower CO₂ emissions

  • Integrated energy ecosystems
    SENEC.360 offers complete solutions, tailored to your needs, for your personal energy transition – with everything from a single source.
  • Award-winning quality
    Both our products and our services have won multiple awards for their outstanding quality. Our network of specialist partners provide expert services across Germany and beyond.
  • Focused on innovation
    Being the best today isn’t enough for us. We’re constantly developing our products and solutions – so that we can offer our customers true electricity independence in the future.

FAQs about the SENEC.Wallbox

FAQs about the SENEC.Wallbox

If you drive an electric car, having a wallbox enables you to charge your car conveniently and at any time from your own home. No need to spend your time searching for a free charging point – you can wake up in the morning and climb into a fully charged car. Theoretically, of course, it is possible to charge an EV from a standard household socket. However, that would take a very long time and is also risky, as standard sockets are not designed to handle such high loads and can overheat.

The required charging time depends on your EV’s battery capacity and charging capacity as well as other factors, such as the battery level and the ambient temperature. In the case of the SENEC.Wallbox, users can also choose between fast charging and solar-optimised charging. It can therefore take between two and six hours to fully charge your EV.

The SENEC.Wallbox is designed and optimised for use as part of an independent solar electricity supply. We therefore recommend that you only use it in conjunction with a solar power system and a SENEC.Home energy storage system.

Different German federal states operate different funding programmes for private wallbox installation. Unfortunately, the nationwide funding available through the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW 440) has already been exhausted. That said, it is entirely possible that a new funding programme will be established.

No, unfortunately this is not yet technically feasible for electric cars.

In principle, there is nothing in particular you need to bear in mind. As soon as your specialist partner has installed the wallbox at your desired location, all you need to do is connect your EV and charge it.

All wallboxes supplied by SENEC are approved for indoor and outdoor use. This means you could have your wallbox fitted in your garage, on an exterior wall, or free-standing on a special pillar. We recommend opting for a location that is protected against the weather and not exposed to direct sunlight.