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With SENEC.360, you generate your own solar electricity.

Why choose SENEC?

On the road to a sustainable future

Securing an environmentally friendly and affordable supply of energy is one of the great challenges of our time. It’s also a challenge we’re meeting head on. We are a 100% subsidiary of EnBW and, in SENEC.360, we offer customised solutions for the self-supply of solar-powered electricity. Whether in your own home or on the road in your electric car, our pioneering combination of photovoltaics, storage systems and cloud technology enables you to take a major step towards electricity independence – and drive forward your personal energy transition.

SENEC.360: Die flexible Komplettlösung für die Versorgung mit Solarstrom
SENEC.360 Produkte Übersicht
Das Rundum-Sorglos-Paket

SENEC.360 ist eine intelligente Speicherlösung, mit der Sie die Energie der Sonne noch effizienter nutzen. Von der PV-Anlage über den smarten Stromspeicher bis hin zur E-Ladestation greifen alle Komponenten Ihrer Solarstromversorgung perfekt ineinander – und lassen sich dabei individuell auf Ihr Energieprofil abstimmen.

SENEC.Home 4 Hero

Der smarte Stromspeicher für Ihr Zuhause.

Roof with photovoltaic system

Powerful solar power systems for electricity from your own roof.

SENEC.Wallbox plus an Hauswand mit Elektroauto

Hauseigene Ladestation für Strom vom eigenen Dach.


Store self-generated electricity virtually and use it flexibly.

SENEC.App grid

Your SENEC energy solution at a glance.

EnBW HyperNetz
Person charges e-car

Reliably charge your electric car in Germany’s largest fast-charging network.

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Quality and innovation

We’re award-winning!

Everything we do is based on the pillars of quality and innovation. This is demonstrated by the wide range of awards we often receive in recognition of our brand and our products.

Your energy ecosystem

SENEC.360 offers complete, customised solutions with perfectly matched components. Your personal energy transition – with everything from a single source.

Award-winning quality

We have received numerous awards for the quality of our products and the service we provide. Our network of specialist partners provide expert services across Germany and beyond.

Focused on innovation

Being the best today isn’t enough for us. We’re constantly developing our products and solutions – so that we can offer our customers true electricity independence in the future.

A reliable partner near you
Installers during planning
SENEC specialist partner network

SENEC collaborates with over 1,200 certified specialist partners throughout Germany who provide a fast, reliable service from a single source. From consultation and a firm offer to installing your SENEC solution, the specialist partner is your local contact. You can also rely on your specialist partner’s expertise in relation to regional regulations and subsidies.

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Charge your car with solar electricity across Germany

Welcome to the EnBW HyperNetz!

EnBW HyperNetz charging points in Europe
EnBW HyperNetz

400,000 charging points in Germany and Europe

As a SENEC customer, you benefit from access to the EnBW HyperNetz – the largest fast charging network in Germany. This enables you to charge your EV at 9 out of 10 charging stations across the country – at a total of 400,000 charging points in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and a growing number of neighbouring European countries.

EnBW HyperNetz charging park
Stay mobile with solar electricity

Access solar electricity in Germany’s largest fast charging network

With SENEC.Cloud to go, you can use your self-generated electricity on the move – faster and more conveniently than ever before. In the EnBW HyperNetz, it only takes 5 minutes to add enough charge for a range of 100km – and the EnBW mobility+ app can help you find the next free charging station in next to no time.


Alle Infos rund um Photovoltaik, Stromspeicher und E-Mobilität.

SENEC.Home 4 mit SENEC.Wallbox premium

Solarstrom speichern und bei Bedarf jederzeit nutzen.

Ein moderner Stromspeicher in offener Form mit Blick auf alle Komponenten im Inneren.

Wie sicher sind Stromspeicher?

Photovoltaics for electric cars
Person charges e-car

Never fuel up again.

Photovoltaic systems
People at photovoltaic consulting

Sustainable solar electricity for a more independent supply of energy.

Photovoltaik-Förderung: Förderprogramme für Solaranlagen
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Günstiger zum eigenen Strom.

Feed-in tariff for PV systems
Person touches photovoltaic system

Is it still worthwhile?

Die Sonne geht am Horizont auf und ihr Licht spiegelt sich auf einem Solarpanel im Vordergrund.

So vielfältig lässt sich die Energie der Sonne nutzen

Ein Hems wird mit einem modernen Display gesteuert.

Wie funktioniert ein Home Energy Management System?