Solarplay and SENEC in the partners group photo

Unity is strength: A strategic partnership is signed between SENEC and Solarplay

The two companies join forces to develop the Italian energy storage market.


Leipzig / Torri di Quartesolo, April 16, 2019 – As a strategic partner of SENEC, Solarplay, one of the leading Italian photovoltaic companies and largest customer of sonnen GmbH in Italy, exclusively distributes power storage and energy solutions of the Leipzig-based company from now on. This makes SENEC one of the leading providers in the fast-growing Italian electricity storage market.


Founded as Smile Energy in 2017, Solarplay, based near Vicenza, is one of the country’s leading photovoltaic companies, thanks to a powerful network of sales and installation partners. Solarplay currently sells more than 1,000 electricity storage units per year, which is about 10% of Italy’s expected market volume this year.


Innovative solutions for self-supply with solar power have convinced


The evolution of the energy market we are experiencing, increasingly geared to the electrification of homes, vehicles and cities, requires offering complete packages for the energy self-supply of houses with solar energy. The innovative energy solutions developed by SENEC, such as SENEC.Cloud and SENEC.Cloud to Go for electric mobility, were the main reason that led Solarplay to partner with SENEC. The two companies will continue to develop these services together in the Italian market, together with solutions for the integration of energy production and storage systems in applications for “smart” homes.

” With SENEC we have found the right partner to allow families greater energy independence by using their solar energy and to expand our leadership position in the Italian photovoltaic market ,” says Manuele Solazzo, founder and CEO of Solarplay. ” The quality of products and innovative solutions for complete energy self-sufficiency will be able to conquer the Italian market “.


Italy is one of the most important future markets


SENEC, together with Solarplay, expects strong sales growth in Italy. The market there for battery storage for private households is already the second largest in Europe today. According to the European Market Monitor on Energy Storage published by the European industry association EASE in March 2019, the Italian home storage market grew by more than 20% in 2018. The proportion of new photovoltaic systems installed with electricity storage reached a new high of 25%. The experts also expect stable market growth of around 20% per year for the coming years. In addition to the relatively high electricity prices and the already ongoing or expected regional support programs, it is above all new business models that will support further market growth.

The strategic partnership with Solarplay is further proof of the success of SENEC’s internationalization strategy. By mid-March, the company had already announced a milestone on the Australian market , where SENEC was selected to deliver smart power storage systems for a groundbreaking off-grid project in the west of the country.

“With SENEC, we have found the right partner to enable many more households to have an independent energy supply with their own solar power and to further expand our leading position in the Italian photovoltaic market,” said Manuele Solazzo, founder and CEO of Solarplay. “The quality of the products and the innovative solutions for complete self-sufficiency will convince many people of our joint offer.”

“Italy is one of the most important future markets for us,” says Jaron Schächter, Managing Director of SENEC. “We are proud that Solarplay, as one of the most important Italian companies in the industry, has chosen us as its partner. Together, we will significantly advance self-supply with self-generated solar energy in Italy. ”


About SENEC:

Since 2009, SENEC GmbH has been developing and producing intelligent electricity storage systems and storage-based energy solutions in Leipzig. With more than 20,000 systems sold, SENEC is one of Europe’s most popular brands for innovative energy and storage solutions. SENEC has been repeatedly honoured by EuPD Research as a Top PV Brand Power Storage. The SENEC. Home storage system was last awarded the “German Excellence Award 2019” and the “Top Electricity Storage System 2018” seal. The news magazine Focus awarded the company the title “Growth Champion 2017”. The energy storage systems of the German manufacturer are among the most innovative and economical solutions on the market. Since 2018, SENEC has been a wholly owned subsidiary of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe.


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