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With SENEC.360, you generate and store your own solar electricity.

Why choose SENEC?

On the road to a sustainable future

Securing an environmentally friendly and affordable supply of energy is one of the great challenges of our time. It’s also a challenge we’re meeting head on. We are a 100% subsidiary of our parent company EnBW, one of Europe's largest energy suppliers. And, in SENEC.360, we offer customised solutions for the self-supply of solar-powered electricity. Whether in your own home or on the road in your electric car, our pioneering combination of photovoltaics, storage systems and cloud technology enables you to take a major step towards electricity independence – and drive forward your personal energy transition.

SENEC.360 – Solutions for your energy and mobility self-sufficiency
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Complete service package

SENEC.360 is an intelligent storage solution that enables you to use the sun’s energy even more efficiently. From the PV system and smart battery to the EV charging point, all components of your solar-powered electricity are perfectly harmonised – and can be coordinated to your individual energy profile.

SENEC.Home V3 in a modern building

The smart electricity storage device for your home.

SENEC.Backup Power pro
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Emergency power from your storage system.


Store self-generated electricity virtually and use it flexibly.

Senec EV charger on wall

A charging point for your home, powered by electricity from your roof.

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Your SENEC energy solution at a glace.

Roof with pohotovoltaic system

Powerful solar power systems for electricity from your own roof.

SENEC Awards
Quality and innovation

We’re award-winning!

Everything we do is based on the pillars of quality and innovation. This is demonstrated by the wide range of awards we often receive in recognition of our brand and our products.

Your energy ecosystem

SENEC.360 offers complete, customised solutions with perfectly matched components. Your personal energy transition – with everything from a single company.

Award-winning quality

We have received numerous awards for the quality of our products and the service we provide. Our network of specialist partners provide expert services across Australia and beyond.

Focused on innovation

Being the best today isn’t enough for us. We’re constantly developing our products and solutions – so that we can offer our customers true energy and mobility independence in the future.

Electrifying Partnership Program
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SENEC installer network

SENEC collaborates with over 1,200 certified specialist partners globally who provide a fast, reliable service from a single source. From consultation and a firm offer to installing your SENEC solution, the specialist partner is your local contact.


Nectr Now Offering ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ with SENEC
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SENEC are excited to join Nectr as a part of their Battery AddOn package.

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