SENEC steps up activities in Australia and invests in subsidiary

Leipzig/Perth, 16 January 2019 – SENEC GmbH has been active on the Australian market for a long time, according to industry experts the most important growth market in the coming years for the still young storage sector. Last year, the company based in the German city of Leipzig delivered the first German-built power storage units to the fifth continent. In order to take a leading role in the market in Australia, SENEC is stepping up its commitment “down under“ and invests significant resources in its Australian subsidiary.


SENEC operates in Australia through a joint venture with Australian partners. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, the team led by Ian Parkinson opens up the market and builds nationwide distribution channels through select installers. The German parent company SENEC GmbH has now significantly increased its shares in the Australian subsidiary. In the course of this increase, SENEC Managing Director Jaron Schächter joins the management of the subsidiary in Australia. To finance the planned strong growth, SENEC GmbH will invest a significant amount in the Australian subsidiary in 2019. In order to underline the bond between the companies and the greater commitment, the shareholders have renamed the company from Thinking Beyond Pty Ltd. Firms in SENEC Australia Pty Ltd.


“Today, in Australia two million homes already have solar panels on the roof, and the growth rate is enormous. Australia is becoming the key market for electricity storage,” says Jaron Schächter, Managing Director of SENEC. “With our intelligent storage systems and our track record in innovations, we are optimally positioned to play a leading role there as well.”

“It is an important signal that our German parent company is increasingly investing in Australia,” says Ian Parkinson, Managing Director of SENEC Australia. “With technology “Made in Germany” and an Australian network of qualified installers, we will be permanently successful. For this we are looking for committed employees for our team who would like to advance independent power supply for Australian homeowners.”