SENEC Installer Reviews

Hear what our Installers have to say about SENEC

announce-icon  "Our bills were approx. $550 pre solar & storage. Now it's almost ZERO. Most days were are off the grid entirely. It's extremely user friendly with the SENEC app and looks great too. Happy to recommend it to prospective purchasers."
Jay Woolhead  |  JCW Solar & Energy
Western Australia



announce-icon  "I have already installed over 10 SENEC Solar Batteries and I can say with confidence that SENEC is a great product with great support which makes it better than other solar batteries. The New SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid makes installation very simple and is a fast process."
Yaver Deraz Kola  |  Smart Energy Group
New South Wales


announce-icon  "Not only are SENEC Solar Batteries a really good product, but their customer service is the best I've seen."
Clinton Sulzberger  |  HEG: Home Efficiency Group


announce-icon  "SENEC Solar Batteries are great! Really enjoyed the installation and the product looks great, operates great and simply performs."
Gerrit Ballast  |  Power 4 All Electrical
Western Australia


announce-icon  "The reliability SENEC Solar Batteries offer make it better than the rest. I have already installed four so far and the installation process is simple."
Jason Hicks  |  SolarSpot
South Australia


announce-icon  "The backing of a German product with a local Australian office makes SENEC better. The whole system is made by one manufacturer, so if you have installation issues, you're only contacting one company."
Scott Phillips  |  Sun City Solar
Western Australia


announce-icon  "What makes SENEC better than the rest is the quality of their solar battery and the level of support. Our team find SENEC batteries easy to install"
Shelley Cheasman  |  Sun City Solar
Western Australia


announce-icon  "SENEC can be assembled onsite which makes it better. We don't have to deal with weights over 100kg"
Richard Murphy  |  Smart Energy Group
New South Wales


announce-icon  "The SENEC battery installation process is foolproof. I have installed seven so far and can say that their easy to install battery destroys the 'battery ready' inverters." 
Steven Spring  |  Infinite Energy
Western Australia


announce-icon  "SENEC solar batteries have been beautifully designed, with advanced technology. They are very straight forward and easy to install. We would highly recommend them to anyone with solar panels"
BoonSong How | NeuTek Energy