Technical assistance from SENEC team

SENEC expands the management team and reinforces crucial skills

With the expansion of the management team, SENEC is preparing for the evolutions of the distributed energy market. The acquisition of Solute Elektronik GmbH, based in Cologne, strengthens the know-how in the hardware and software development of storage systems and associated solutions. These steps testify to SENEC’s intention to be at the top with regard to innovation in the market for electrical storage systems.


From 1 August 2018, Jaron Schäcter joined the SENEC management team, 100% owned by the EnBW Energie Group Baden-Wüttemberg AG, one of Germany’s leading energy companies. Schäcter, 39, has a long experience in the telematics sector, both as an entrepreneur and as CEO. As an expert in digitization and effective planning of processes, he was called to complete the SENEC management so far set up by the finance expert Thomas Augat and the founder of the company Mathias Hammer. Since the integration of SENEC into the EnBW Group has been largely completed, Timo Sillober has left the management team to join the new advisory committee as president. In this position he will continue to provide support as a consultant to the company.

Customers want global solutions for self-supply of energy – says Jaron Schäcter – We look at a whole ‘ecosystem’, which includes storage systems, energy supply and electric mobility, and we develop solutions from a single source. It is within this framework that I see my main role in SENEC “.

In order to offer customers the best possible solutions, SENEC has also strengthened the organizational and directive structure in the key areas of competence. ” Our success is based on continuous product innovations, on the highest levels of quality and competence in the energy sector – adds Schäcter – This is why we have enrolled new experienced managers in these areas “.

As Technical Director (Chief Technology Officer), Eng. Michael Otto is now responsible for hardware and software development. Otto comes from Solute Elektronik GmbH, of which he was General Manager, and founder. The company, before the acquisition, has long collaborated with SENEC. Together with Otto will work the entire Solute development team, made up of 10 people, which will enrich SENEC with the solid skills in hardware and software matured working for renowned companies. The new SENEC employees will continue to work in Cologne.

In the areas of production, logistics, quality and technical assistance, SENEC has included the figure of Ricardo Kopp in the enlarged steering committee. Eng. Kopp, who has extensive experience in the automotive industry, has been responsible for these areas since January 2018 as Department Manager. Its task is to continue the exceptionally positive development that SENEC has registered in these sectors of great importance for customers in recent months.

The management is then completed with Claus Fest, head of the “Energy Management” division. Fest has many years of experience in the field of energy supply and directs the Product Management Division of EnBW’s Energy Management sector. In this way, SENEC and EnBW underline the fact that both want to contribute, with their respective specific skills, to the development and implementation of solutions linked to storage systems.