Adelaide River, South Australia

SENEC Chosen for GreenSync’s deX Powers Up in South Australia

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With the participation of global battery and solar brands combining with electricity retailers, enrolment in virtual power plants is set to become easier and faster for smart device owners.

The Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, Minister for Energy and Mining said “We congratulate GreenSync on their launch of deX in South Australia. This exciting project received support from our Demand Management Trials program, to help accelerate our transition to a smart, digital power system. By making it easier for consumers to get more value from their home batteries and electric vehicles by being part of virtual power plants, we can help support the grid whilst reducing their power bills.”

Echoing Minister van Holst Pellekaan’s endorsement, GreenSync Executive Chair Mark Woodall said: “This project takes us ‘beyond trials’ by leveraging inherent capabilities in our technology and those of our partners that will support customers in getting more value from their investment – and at the same time – make the grid more sustainable”.

Energy, Powershop and Simply Energy who will develop VPP offers designed to unlock value for services from participating, eligible technologies.”