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Solar Power 24 Hours a Day!

New SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid

New SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid

Australia, the future of Solar Technology is here! Our New SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid is a game-changing solar battery with a combined PV and Battery Inverter. This battery offers an unbeatable 20 Year Extended Warranty. 

Product Features

SENEC Solar Battery Storage System

Generate your own electricity and use it whenever you want. By simply adding a SENEC Solar Battery Storage System to your solar panels you can become up to 90% Power Self-Sufficient. Whether you already have an existing PV System or are yet to install one, a  SENEC Solar Battery can enable you to use solar power 24 hours a day. SENEC is compatible with all systems, regardless of the manufacturer. A new solar system is best optimised with a power storage, or if you already have solar then it’s easy to retrofit.


SENEC gives you the advantage of being able to store the solar energy you generate, rather than feeding it back to the grid for next to nothing. As a result of this, your solar power is available for you even at night which is when most Australians need it most.


SENEC’s multi-award-winning technology is capable of cycling the battery twice a day, supporting you through your morning and evening peaks, when energy usage is high and not supported by solar. Not only will your electricity bills reduce drastically, but you also ensure a self-sufficient power supply in your home, which protects you power outages and constantly rising electricity prices.


Available in a variety of sizes, SENEC has a solution for every household. You can even upgrade your system after installation if required, getting you closer to complete energy independence.

How SENEC Works

Once installed, SENEC Home stores any excess solar energy you would otherwise be sending back to the grid. By using more of the energy you produce, you can increase your self-sufficiency to up to 90%, and reduce your impact on the environment.


The SENEC App enables you can take control of your family's power supply, view the performance of your whole system and track your savings as you go.


Engineered for 12,000 recharging cycles – double the capacity of its main competitor.


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Use Solar Power 24/7

Powerful Storage

Solar panels are great money-savers whilst the sun shines, but by adding a SENEC Solar Battery to your existing solar system, you can store that valuable free energy and use it whenever you want - even at night.


Works Day and Night

SENEC is a rechargeable battery that automatically steps in when the sun goes down. It manages your power needs without you having to do a thing.

Make your Home up to 90% Power Self-Sufficient

Install a SENEC system to generate and store up to 90% of your power requirements. It will also supply electricity to your home when there’s a mains power cut so you can keep your essential appliances running during a blackout. If you need more storage, you can add up to 4 SENEC units to create your own micro-grid.


Multi-Award-Winning German Technology

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SENEC Home Solar Battery

Discover how SENEC can optimise your solar panels and store your extra power. Reduce electricity bills and increase your power self-sufficiency by up to 90%.

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SENEC Advantage

Save Money

Reduce Power Bills drastically!



Compatible with all Solar Systems



Full Australian Service and Support

Optimise with SENEC.Home

Find out how the SENEC.Home can optimise your solar panels and store your extra power.

Start saving more on your power bills and dramatically increase your self-sufficiency.

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Technical Data

* For the use of the optional emergency power supply, costs for the additional package, additional material and installation are charged.
** Depending on the loading and unloading conditions, such as temperature, frequency of use and charging and discharging current.


SENEC Solar Battery Storage System is compatible with any new or existing solar array, AC coupling makes installation quick and hassle free.

Installing a SENEC Solar Battery can earn you saving of up to 90% on your energy bills. Why waste all your excess solar when you can use it 24 hours a day.

SENEC's dedicated backup circuit provides you with emergency power when the grid goes down!

Apart from the Panasonic (V2) and Samsung (V3) battery modules, the SENEC Solar Batteries are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled entirely in Germany. SENEC is built with multi-award-winning technology.

The SENEC Home is an 'all-in-one' system, featuring our SENEC inverter, battery management system and battery modules. SENEC is a market leader in Germany.

The new SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid comes with an unbeatable 20 Year extended warranty and unlimited solar recharging cycles.

The SENEC.Home V2's warranty offers 12,000 solar recharging cycles or 10 years, whichever comes first. With other popular brands offering 6,000 and less, the SENEC warranty is unmatched in the industry. 

SENEC is at the forefront of energy innovation, leading the way in peer-to-peer trading, EV recharging and cloud technology. By joining the SENEC community, you too can secure your energy future.

SENEC Home is a modular system, giving you the freedom to increase your storage capacity in 2.5kW increments whenever you need to. The maximum capacity for one system is 10kWh.

Prices change from state to state, however basic pricing without any rebate scheme start from around $6,390 + GST. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, a SENEC Solar Battery is an investment that can be paid off in five years. See how much money our customers are saving here.