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Use your surplus solar electricity all year round.

Store your solar energy virtually and use it flexibly

Harness up to 100% of the power your home solar generates with SENEC.CloudSENEC.Cloud is an Australian-first virtual energy savings account that unlocks energy self-sufficiency and independence. Future-proof your energy and save on your energy bills by signing up for SENEC.Cloud with Diamond Energy, today.

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Product highlights

  • Your virtual energy storage account stores exported solar energy as credits on your electricity account
  • Use solar electricity flexibly, all year round
  • Helping you to become up to 100% self-sufficient
  • Flexibly increase your allowance at any time with our incremental Add-on Packages


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Use your electricity credit, whatever the season

Your solar power system will sometimes generate more electricity than your household needs, especially in summer. The solar electricity you do not immediately consume flows into your SENEC storage system, so that you can use it in the evening or on days with less sunlight. If your storage system is full, the surplus electricity is fed into the public electricity grid. With the SENEC.Cloud, you can invest this surplus solar-powered electricity in a virtual credit account. You can use this electricity credit with complete flexibility when you need it at a later date. This means you maximise the benefit of your self-generated solar electricity. The innovative solar solution's virtual energy credits can be drawn from the grid when you need them most, day or night and no matter the weather.

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Breaking the tariff model

SENEC.Cloud offers greater flexibility at a low cost

Under the traditional energy model, you could pay up to eight times the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) rate when you need to draw energy down from the grid, compared to what you get paid to export solar energy to the grid.

With SENEC.Cloud, your stored solar energy credits can flexibly be drawn down from the grid at a 1:1 ratio, up to the limit of your SENEC.Cloud package. You export and import at the same rate, making our complete energy solution a game-changer for the Australian homeowner.

SENEC.Cloud packages – for greater electricity independence

Together with Diamond Energy, you can access flexible 
SENEC.Cloud packages* that support any home energy needs.

SENEC.Cloud Base Package
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The SENEC.Cloud Base Package is free of charge and grants you a quarterly Cloud allowance of 500 kWh’s. When paired with a suitable solar system and a usage of fewer than 2,500 units a quarter, this package is all you need to reach up to 100% self-sufficiency for your home.


$0.00 / day

SENEC.Cloud 125 Add-on
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The SENEC.Cloud 125 Add-on Package allows you to harness more of your excess solar energy to operate higher loads such as charging your electric vehicle (EV). Flexibly increase your allowance in increments of 125 kWh’s a quarter at any time. Add up to four packages to double your allowance and take energy back into your own hands.


$0.17 / day

Virtual electricity credit

How does the SENEC.Cloud work?

When your solar power system generates more electricity than you consume and your battery storage device is full, you can feed surplus solar electricity into the SENEC.Cloud and generate virtual electricity credits. You can call on this credit flexibly, at any time – including in winter. Discover the benefits of the SENEC.Cloud in this video.

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Switch your Electricity Provider to Diamond Energy

SENEC Australia is an electricity referral agent of Diamond Energy, who are a renewable energy generation and retail electricity company, operating across Australia, since 2004.

The SENEC.Cloud is powered by Diamond Energy, who are a green electricity provider with a 5-star rating in Greenpeace’s 2022 Green Electricity Guide and listed first by CHOICE in 2022 as best electricity provider in Australia. Diamond Energy has been a long-term leader in renewable energy.

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SENEC.Cloud – the flexible addition to your SENEC.360 complete solution

The virtual electricity credit supplements your SENEC.Solar PV installation and SENEC.Home battery storage device. The individual elements of our SENEC.360 complete solution are perfectly harmonised.

Sustainable power supply with solar energy
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The SENEC.Solar solar power system is the basis of a more independent and sustainable electricity supply for your home.

Use self-generated electricity at any time
SENEC.Home V3 in a modern building

With the SENEC.Home battery storage device, you can store surplus electricity and use it later, such as in the evening or when the sun isn’t shining.

Charge your Electric Vehicle with your solar power
Senec EV charger on wall

Charge your electric car at home with self-generated electricity. With SENEC.Home and your own SENEC.EVcharger charging point, you can also use your solar-powered electricity to power your EV.

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Greater independence – and lower CO₂ emissions

  • Integrated energy ecosystems
    SENEC.360 offers complete solutions, tailored to your needs, for your personal energy transition – with everything from a single source.
  • Award-winning quality
    Both our products and our services have won multiple awards for their outstanding quality. Our network of installers ensures that you receive expert service.
  • Focused on innovation
    Being the best today isn’t enough for us. We’re constantly developing our products and solutions – so that we can offer our customers true electricity independence in the future.

FAQs about SENEC.Cloud

FAQs about SENEC.Cloud

No. The virtual electricity credit is only available in combination with a SENEC battery storage system.

If your electricity consumption exceeds the credit in your SENEC.Cloud account, you will revert back to the single rate electricity tariff Diamond Energy has offered you, or you may purchase additional 125 Add-On packages to boost your virtual energy storage capacity.

If you generate more solar-powered electricity than your current SENEC.Cloud package covers, you can purchase additional 125 Add-On packages to boost your virtual energy savings. In the unlikely event you have utilised the total 4000 kWh's of storage available per year, the excess exported electricity will be forfeited.

Yes. The SENEC.Cloud is tailored to your needs, so you can make adjustments flexibly and at short notice.

An initial set-up fee of $125 applies upon participation in the SENEC.Cloud there are no exit fees if you choose to stop participating.

The offer is available to residential homeowners in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland (only within Energex distributor zone).

To be eligible you must be a residential homeowner that lives at the property and does not have registered life support equipment at the Supply Address. 

  • You must have a new SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid 10 system installed within the last 30 days. 
  • You must install a Solar-PV-Battery System with greater than or equal to 6kW DC panels. 
  • You must have a broadband internet service connected at the Supply Address with an internet modem, including a spare Ethernet portal and Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • You must accept direct debit payments and email invoicing. 
  • You acknowledge that our pay on time, direct debit, and renewable energy reward discounts will not apply. 
  • You must enter into a “single rate” electricity retail agreement with Diamond Energy and be prepared to accept quarterly electricity invoices. 

The full eligibility criteria are included in the SENEC.Cloud Terms
and Conditions. 

You can enjoy the benefits of this offer for as long as the current SENEC.Cloud product is available, and you remain a customer of Diamond Energy. For up-to-date information refer to our website.

*Terms and conditions apply. Click here for further details. SENEC.Cloud is a fixed-term contract which ends 31st December 2023. SENEC Australia is an electricity referral agent of Diamond Energy, who are a renewable energy generation and retail electricity company, operating across Australia, since 2004.The SENEC.Cloud is powered by Diamond Energy, who are a green electricity provider with a 5-star rating in Greenpeace’s 2022 Green Electricity Guide. Diamond Energy has been a long-term leader in renewable energy.