SENEC.Home V3 in a modern building


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Become your own electricity supplier.

SENEC.360 – Innovative solutions for energy and mobility self-sufficiency

Installing a solar power system on your roof helps create a sustainable future for all. Now with SENEC.360, you can take advantage of our total energy solution to complete your home's approach to sustainable energy. Our 360 solution delivers excellent performance in both environmental and economic terms. We supply everything from a single source tailored to your needs.

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Product highlights

  • Integrated energy solution
  • Modular system, maximum flexibility – tailored to your requirements
  • Premium-quality products, developed in Germany
  • Outstanding warranty conditions


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Build your own integrated energy ecosystem

SENEC.360 is an integrated storage solution for your self-generated solar electricity. From the solar power system on your roof to the smart energy storage system and the charging point for your electric car, every component in your solar electricity system is perfectly harmonised. Irrespective of whether you are looking to replace and upgrade your old solar power system, use the complete solution to increase your independence, or if your power requirements change over time.

SENEC.Home V3 in a modern building

SENEC.360 components: Build your own integrated energy ecosystem

SENEC.Home V3 in a modern building

The smart electricity storage device for your home.

Roof with pohotovoltaic system

Powerful solar power systems for electricity from your own roof.


Store self-generated electricity virtually and use it flexibly.

Senec EV charger on wall

A charging point for your home, powered by electricity from your roof.

SENEC Awards
Quality and innovation

We’re award-winning!

Everything we do is based on the pillars of quality and innovation. This is demonstrated by the wide range of awards we regularly receive in recognition of our brand and our products.

How the SENEC.360 integrated energy concept works

SENEC.360 is a flexible, complete solution that enables you to supply yourself with more independent, affordable and environmentally friendly electricity. Watch this video to see how SENEC.360 works, which components make up the solution and how you can you can use your solar electricity even more efficiently and flexibly.

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Your personal complete solution – with everything from a single company

Step 1


Our contact form allows you to request to get a quote from one of our Electrifying Program Partners. We will share your details with one of these specialised program partners, and they will arrange a consultation meeting with you at your home, which will include taking a look at your roof.

Step 2


Following the consultation meeting, your specialist partner will put together a customised offer with a detailed calculation of how cost-efficient your planned system will be. Upon request, your specialist partner can also help you to explore and access subsidies and financing options. Once everything is settled, they will work with you to plan the implementation phase.

Step 3


Your specialist partner will agree a date with you for installation of your SENEC.360 solution. They will procure the products from SENEC before installing and configuring them in your home. Once your solution is up and running, your specialist partner will remain your contact point for servicing, repairs and software updates.

Installers during planning

Greater independence – and lower CO₂ emissions

  • Integrated energy ecosystems
    SENEC.360 offers complete solutions, tailored to your needs, for your personal energy transition – with everything from a single source.
  • Award-winning quality
    Both our products and our services have won multiple awards for their outstanding quality. Our network of installers ensures that you receive expert service.
  • Focused on innovation
    Being the best today isn’t enough for us. We’re constantly developing our products and solutions – so that we can offer our customers true electricity independence in the future.