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Switch on energy self-sufficiency


Harness solar energy on overdrive

Power electric vehicles with the sun and reduce reliance on the grid with the SENEC.EVcharger.
The innovative EV charging technology puts the power back in the hands of homeowners to futureproof energy for the home and road.
Delivering on efficiency and performance, the SENEC.EVcharger is the optimal solar solution to keep Australians moving forward.



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Electric Car



1. Unlock Smart Charging - Coming Soon

Easily monitor and control the charge of an electric vehicle directly on the SENEC.EVcharger, or through the innovative SENEC.App.

2. Australian-Made For Local Homeowners

The SENEC.EVcharger is designed and manufactured in Australia for maximum performance and efficiency.

3. Simple Installation

Engineered to withstand Australian weather conditions, the SENEC.EVcharger can easily be installed indoors or outdoors, and can be connected through wi-fi or ethernet.

4. Compatible With All Electric Vehicles

The SENEC.EVcharger has a type 2 socket outlet, which is compatible with cables supplied by all EV car manufacturers.


ev charger


Reduce power bills with the future of solar technology. Plug the SENEC.EVcharger into the power of SENEC.Home, an innovative solar battery that stores the excess energy a home solar solution generates. 


Homeowners can access this power for future use 24 hours a day, no matter the weather.


senec app preview


The smart solution for energy connectivity. 


The SENEC.App pairs with the SENEC.EVcharger (coming soon) and the complete SENEC range to monitor and control the energy a home solar solution generates in real time.


EV charger process


Harness up to 100% of the power a home solar solution generates. 


SENEC.Cloud is an Australian-first virtual energy storage solution that extends the capacity of home solar by converting excess power into energy credits.


Power the home and electric vehicle by drawing on these energy credits at any time of the day.

solar panels


Generate limitless energy with the most efficient home solar system. The SENEC.Solar range includes solar panels from world-leading brands REC Solar, Trina and Longi. 


Pair SENEC.Solar with the SENEC.EVcharger and SENEC.Home to unlock access to exclusive offers and more.