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A New Generation Renewable Energy Home Battery by SENEC


Australians have been waiting too long for a good reason to install a battery to store energy provided by our giving sun and PV solar panels.

Among many of the disadvantages in the past have been: their inferior quality; the warranty of only 10 years; the weight of more than 200kg that makes it very difficult to hang on a wall; the waiting time to actually get one; the hefty installation cost; and all the extra add-ons such as safety features that really should be part of the unit cost.

Well, hold on to your seats because a unique new battery is being launched at All-Energy that will set the benchmark from which other batteries will follow.

Think double the warranty, half the weight, AC & DC coupled, instant savings of $4,000, German-designed and built quality, 97% efficiency and MUCH more.

Interview with Patricia Cavalcanti, SENEC Chief Operating Officer


Question: Can you tell us about the new generation renewable energy home battery by SENEC?

Patricia Cavalcanti: Our new hybrid solar battery was unveiled at the All Energy Australia 2019 Expo in Melbourne last month. The SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid can provide households with up to 90 per cent solar power self-sufficiency, boasts a 20-year extended warranty and is the only battery to offer unlimited solar recharging cycles in the Australian market. Homeowners with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels may only need to draw 10 per cent of their current usage from the grid, potentially saving them thousands of dollars a year. The hybrid battery means that an additional PV inverter isn't required. Part of the storage system is a hybrid inverter, which converts both the current flowing from the PV panels into the storage system and the current discharged from it (AC/DC).