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The Australian-first technology enables customers to become up to 100% energy self-sufficient with a 360° SENEC solar solution and an unbeatable warranty. Using only superior electronics and components, Our German-designed energy storage systems have been designed for the Australian climate. When you become a retailer, you will be supported by a national sales and service program that takes on the responsibility of after-sales support.

SENEC has been designing, engineering and manufacturing intelligent energy storage systems since 2009. Our mission is, and always has been, to make homes more self-sufficient. Backed by EnBW, our multi-billion-dollar parent company, SENEC is proud to have over 500 staff members who all share the same commitment to local solar industries.

SENEC is supporting retailers worldwide to help homeowners take power back into their own hands. Become an Electrifying Partner today.

Why Choose SENEC

1. Choose Bankability
  • Fully diversified parent company invested in solar technology innovation.
  • Unmatched 20-year extendable warranty.
  • Superior support from our in-house Australian Customer Service team and qualified engineers.
2. 360° Product Portfolio
  • Offer customers an exclusive and comprehensive integrated solar solution.
  • Homeowners can harness up to 100% of the power their home solar generates.
  • The 360° SENEC solar solution.


  • SENEC.Home V3 hybrid Hybrid battery storage system with an integrated solar inverter (20-year extended warranty available)
  • SENEC.Cloud Virtual energy storage
  • SENEC.EVcharger Electric Vehicle (EV) charger
  • SENEC.Solar Solar modules
  • SENEC.App The heart of the 360° SENEC solar solution
3. Electrifying Partner Program Benefits

SENEC’s Electrifying Partner Program rewards our retailers for their ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality 360° solar solutions to our customers.

Switch on the electrifying lifestyle with:

  • Co-brand online marketing
  • Access to marketing collateral for download/purchase
  • Training certification and ongoing access to sale training resources
  • Employee bulk buy discount
  • SENEC Survival Kit
SENEC Power Partner Badge
SENEC Power Partner Badge

Tier 3 co-branded marketing including

  • Google Ad Campaign
  • SENEC Survival Kit
SENEC Ultra Partner Badge
SENEC Ultra Partner Badge

Tier 2 co-branded online marketing including

  • Digital TV Campaign
  • SENEC Survival Kits
SENEC Lightning Partner Badge
SENEC Lightning Partner Badge

Tier 1 co-branded online marketing including

  • Digital TV Campaign
  • SENEC Survival Kits
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Customer testimonials:

Rosalie Beveridge, WA
Customer Rosalie Beveridge

“Our power bill went from $510 to $70… If you are a high consumer like our family, SENEC just makes sense”

Wayne Spilsbury, WA
Customer Wayne Spilsbury

“My power bill went from $700 to $70. WOW! Thanks to the SENEC app I know exactly how much power is being produced and used at all times. It really is an amazing product!”

Paul Duffy, WA
Customer Paul Duffy

“We live in a large 4x3 and the impact our SENEC solar battery is having on our power bills is significant over and above what we receive through REBS”

Retailer testimonials:

SENEC.Home battery storage device from inside
Richard Murphy, NSW

“What makes SENEC batteries better than the rest is the fact that it can be assembled onsite. Not having to deal with weights over 100kg.”

Callum Apps, WA

“SENEC solar batteries are a great battery system. Good installation process with a great monitoring app. SENEC won’t let ya down!”

BoonSong How, VIC

“What we at NeuTek Energy, love about SENEC Solar Batteries is that they are easy to install, beautifully designed and made with advanced technology.”

How the SENEC.360 integrated energy concept works

SENEC.360 is a flexible, complete solution that enables you to supply yourself with mire independent, affordable and environmentally friendly electricity. Watch this video to see how SENEC.360 works, which components make up the solution and how you can use your solar electricity eben more efficiently and flexibly.

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SENEC awards

We’re award-winning!

Everything we do is based on the pillars of quality and innovation.
This is demonstrated by the wide range of awards we regularly receive in recognition of our brand and our products.

FAQs about SENEC.Home electricity storage systems

FAQs about SENEC.Home electricity storage systems

SENEC.Home electricity storage systems are slightly larger than a washing machine (1135mm x 535mm x 535mm) and take up just 0.29m² of floor space. This puts them among the most compact battery storage systems on the market. All SENEC storage systems are floor-mounted devices, which means they can be installed in your garage with no need for wall mounting.

SENEC.Home electricity storage devices satisfy the requirements of AS4777.2:2020 and comply with international standard IEC 62619. These guidelines set very high safety standards for the overall system. All SENEC battery storage systems are equipped with a multi-stage safety system comprising safety relief valves in the battery cells and an integrated battery management system that controls the charging process, system temperature and current. If a safety risk arises, the system reacts immediately. As with all electrical devices, electricity storage systems entail certain risks. However, experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems have confirmed that modern electricity storage systems with high-quality battery modules are safe. So, you can store your solar-powered electricity at home without any worries.

Photovoltaic systems and electricity storage systems help to establish a sustainable supply of electricity. In addition, the storage system’s battery modules can usually be recycled at the end of their service life. The current recycling process can recover more than 95% of the nickel, copper and cobalt in the batteries, as well as most of the lithium. As a distributor, SENEC is obligated to accept your old batteries free of charge. We return the batteries to the manufacturer, who is best placed to reuse the valuable materials.

We work with more than 2000 certified specialist partners globally to distribute and install our storage systems. A partner near you will plan the ideal system for you, sell the products to you and install them professionally. Request a free quote and a SENEC specialist partner in your area will contact you and answer your questions.

Our specialist partners determine the prices of our electricity storage devices based on a suggested retail price. All quotations are tailored to our customers’ needs and vary depending on the size of the PV system, the type of SENEC storage device and its capacity, as well as any accessories and installation costs. SENEC products are never standard solutions – so we hope you understand that we are unable to provide a flat price.

Yes, the SENEC.Home V3 will work with any new or existing solar system.

Installing a SENEC Solar Battery, coupled with the SENEC.Cloud, can earn you savings of up to 100% on your energy bills. Why waste all your excess solar when you can use it 24 hours a day.

SENEC's dedicated backup circuit provides you with emergency power when the grid goes down!

Apart from the Samsung battery modules (South Korea), the SENEC.Home V3 is designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany. SENEC’s quality design and manufacture is multi award winning.

The SENEC Home is an 'all-in-one' system, featuring our SENEC inverter, battery management system and battery modules. SENEC is the market leader in Germany.

The new SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid comes with an unbeatable 20 Year extended warranty and warranted 12,000 solar recharging cycles.

SENEC is at the forefront of energy innovation, leading the way in peer-to-peer trading, EV recharging and cloud technology. By joining the SENEC community, you too can secure your energy future.

The SENEC.Home V3 has two size options, 4.5kWh or 9kWH. If you install a 4.5kWh system initially, you can increase this to a 9kWh at a later date by simply adding a second battery module in to the existing case. You may also add the SENEC.Cloud to virtually increase your storage capacity up to an additional 4000 kWh's per year. Terms and Conditions apply.

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