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Are you an installer and want to discover everything to know about SENEC.Home? Join our webinars!

Enrol to participate in the SENEC. Tech webinars and learn about the simple and easy installation process for our intelligent SENEC all-in-one storage system.

Markus Schmid, our Head of Technical Support here in Australia will be walking you through the simple installation process for the SENEC. Home.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to install and ask any questions you may have, about our various SENEC.Home Systems, with support being provided through and after the Webinar has been completed.

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As you require accreditation, with this certificate you can officially Install a Senec.Home system

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*Participation in the webinar involves a limited number of participants.

SENEC Installation webinar details

You must become a Certified Installer to install a SENEC all-in-one storage system.

The SENEC Technical Webinar covers all the information required to install our storage systems by Markus Schmid, our Head of Technical Support here in Australia.

SENEC provides flexibility with our SENEC. Tech webinars and because of this we try to provide a time frame that suits all participants and the trainers in the environments that they are currently working in.

To enrol to become a fully SENEC Certified installer, please register for the next webinar.

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Webinar & SENEC web platform

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  • SENEC. Home V3 hybrid Technical Data
  • New Hybrid Technology
  • Crucial Installation Prep
  • Safety Requirements
  • Power Meter Information
  • Battery Modules
  • PV design
  • Connection, Configuration & Commissioning
  • Customer Briefing