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"Our next electricity bill will be $0"

SENEC is the best investment we have ever made. Our solar battery is clearly paying itself off. We have recently had a SENEC.Home V2 Solar Battery installed and have already noticed a dramatic drop in our power bills and predict our next bill will be $0. I recommend a SENEC battery to anyone interested in a solar setup or anyone thinking about getting solar panels. Its modular design is far more superior to any of its competitors.Last year this time we were using 18.77kWh a day and now with SENEC it's 5.3kWh a day. SENEC is AMAZING!" 

Jarred Gray | New South Wales


"Almost 99% independence from power grid!"

“We completed 10 years of premium (48c) feed-in-tariffs, so did not have power bills, but were facing a monthly bill. Virtually all electricity is self-generated and stored – the (now) small amount of feed-in tariff earned is enough to cover the daily supply charge. Almost complete (99%) independence from power grid and power bills, also able to export carbon free surplus electricity. The SENEC home battery is beautifully and thoroughly engineered and executes intelligently and flawlessly.” Installed by Willo electrical

Graham Velterop | Margaret River, Western Australia


"Our Power Bill went from $510 to $70... WOW!"

We live in a large 5x3 with a pool. Our bill went from $510 to just $70 withing the first full billing cycle of installing our SENEC Solar Battery. Our last bill showed that we used 244 units and even with the solar battery we put 480 back on. Most days we now only use around 4 units off the grid, run a pool heater, the house and a very hungry water bore three days a week. At this rate we will pay our outlay within 5 years. It's then that we realised that unless you use a solar battery with your panels you are literally wasting so much energy. We love using the SENEC App to see our usage and generation. We now use delay timers on the washing machine and dryer so they run while we are at work. This is power that would have previously been wasted. If you are a high  consumer like our family, SENEC just makes sense. If you have solar panels, get yourself a SENEC! 

Rosalie Beveridge | Western Australia


"My power bills went from $700 to $70!"

Thanks to my SENEC solar battery, my power bills in summer went from $700 to $70 as compared to only having solar panels. There was one cycle where my power bill was negative. If you have solar panels, you're missing the bang for the buck without one of these. Australia has so much sunshine, it would be silly to not make the most of it with solar power. Thanks to the SENEC app I know exactly how much power is being produced and used at all times. It really is an amazing product!

Wayne Spilsbury | Western Australia


“Getting a SENEC is one of the best things I’ve ever done!”

I am very excited to date about the performance of my SENEC battery and my tiny power bills, if not a zero balance or even be in credit during autumn and spring. I check the amazing My SENEC app on my mobile phone multiple times a day and when there is a bit of sun about, my battery can be 100 percent full by 11am or midday.  After that time, I am using the solar power my system generates and exporting the excess power to the Grid. When the sun has gone down, my amazing SENEC Solar Battery allows me to draw on my battery for my electricity needs.  I am pretty sure that I would be almost 100 percent self-sufficient at this time of the year when the weather is mild. To date, my solar system and SENEC battery has far exceeded my expectations and to date I think it is one of the best things I have ever done. 

Leslie R. | South Australia


"Our first bill with SENEC went from $800 to $293"

We have a 4x3 and before getting our SENEC solar battery our power bills were around $800. It is such an incredible feeling to see SENEC store the power we generate and we use it well into the night most days. This is why our power bill dropped to $293.62. The impact on our power bills is significant over and above what we receive through REBS. The My SENEC app is so good as I can see how much energy we are generating, storing and using at any time. This is having an impact on how we use electricity.

Paul Duffy | Western Australia


"If you have Solar Panels, you need to get a SENEC ASAP"

We only had our SENEC Solar Battery installed in September 2019. Our power self-sufficiency has increased a LOT more than just having solar panels. Our bills were around $800 and within our first billing cycle was already 50% less than the previous bills. We live in a 4x2 and the SENEC Solar Battery has fit so well into our home because it doesn't take up much space and every time we look at it, we get reminded of how much $$$ we are saving. If you have solar panels, you need to get SENEC asap.

John Edmondson | Western Australia


“I saved $250 within my first electricity billing cycle with SENEC”

SENEC is just so kind on the environment and my wallet. I live in a 4x2 in Stoneville and I didn’t realise that solar panels only become perfect with a SENEC system.

I only had my SENEC battery installed four months ago and within my first electricty billing cycle my power bill went from $450 to $200. That’s a saving of $250 already! Can’t wait to see how much I save next time thanks to SENEC.

Mike Mahon | Western Australia


"I am very very happy with my SENEC Solar Battery!"

I live in a house in Edgewater and there is no doubt in my mind that I made a great decision getting a SENEC to go with our solar panels. I am very very happy.

Nigel Parker | Western Australia


"SENEC Solar Battery is the way of the future"

We had 21 solar panels and a 10kw hour Senec battery installed in April 2019. Very happy with the service provided by SENEC. Our power usage, costs, and CO2 production associated with power usage have plummeted. We used 808 units of power last September ($291.84), and the most recent was for just 63 units ($83.26). Our daily usage in September 2018 was 13 units, and it averages 1 unit a day now! The CO2 associated with our power usage was 792kg in September 2019, and it is 62kg now, so great for the environment too! We also replaced a solar hot water system that was gas boosted with an electric booster in June 2019. The gas costs have plummeted as well, as we now only use gas for cooking.

I have recommended a SENEC battery to many friends and colleagues. Great for the planet...and for reducing power bills! Solar with battery backup will probably be the way of the future, especially for a sun-blessed city like Perth!

Noel English | Western Australia


"My power bill went from $250 to only $40 with SENEC"

I saved $210 in the first month as compared to just solar panels. I live in a 3x3 in Adelaide and had my SENEC Solar Battery installed in June 2019. Being green, independent of the grid and having such a massive reduction in my power bills is an amazing feeling and its all thanks to my SENEC. If you want to reduce your costs solar panels aren't enough. I HIGHLY encourage you to get a SENEC Solar Battery.

Dr Andrew Michael | South Australia


"I have already saved over $600 in 4 months!"

I have had the SENEC Home Solar Battery System installed for about 4 months. Initially I had a 5kW system installed, but I have been so impressed that I have now installed 2 more batteries, bringing my capacity to 10kW. It is not unusual for my house to still be running from the SENEC batteries at 10pm, with just 5Kw. With the 10Kw system it can last all night.
I like being able to see how my SENEC battery is functioning using the App on my phone. My last bill was just $165.00. This is a saving of more than $400.00 for the same time last year. My total saving since I had the SENEC system installed is about $600.00, with the hot weather still to come. I would strongly recommend adding a battery system to your solar system.

Michael Minchin | Western Australia


"Wish we had got SENEC earlier!"

We are so happy we made the decision to get a SENEC Solar Battery. We had a high carbon footprint with multiple air conditioners and heavy use of our clothes dryer, but also a desire to do our bit for the environment. We are so please to see that on days in Autumn and Spring, we have been totally solar power self-sufficient thanks to SENEC.- an added bonus to our electricity bills. We should have done this earlier!

Brooke Velterop | Western Australia


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