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Reviews from SENEC Customers

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"A lot of my friends have a boat, I have a battery system. No regrets!"

"I love the simplicity and peace of mind that my SENEC.Home brings me. I haven't had an electricity bill yet - I am just getting refund cheques from Synergy! The best thing is it has made my home 100% self-sufficient most of the time." 

Giovanni Ruggieri | Australand

"My home is now over 90% self-sufficient"

"I have had my SENEC for a year now and I love that I am able to provide nearly ALL home electricity with emergency blackout cover. We spend less than $40 on electricity bills in the winter and in summer they are negative!! I would recommend anyone with solar panels gets a SENEC battery - they are great for storing and using your own carbon free power overnight and installing one has made my home over 90% self-sufficient."

Graham | Margaret River

"I have already noticed huge improvements in my electricity costs"

"It's still early days but we saved around $200 in our first month, We are about 80% self sufficient, even in winter. We are very happy with our SENEC Battery!"

William | Dianella

"Two Thumbs Up!"

"I love the fact we get very low or zero power bills - we are saving over $200 per month at least!! I would recommend anyone with solar panels gets a SENEC battery, our home is almost completely self-sufficient in summer and we still generate power on rainy days in winter!"

Hilary Brooks | Yanchep

Disclaimer: All testimonials are from real customers and are not claimed to represent typical results. SENEC Australia do not intend to represent or guarantee the same or similar performance in the future.