Aurélie Alemany becomes CEO of SENEC GmbH

•    Experienced Manager is moving from electricity supplier Yello
•    She strengthens the management team around managing directors Thomas Augat and Jaron Schächter


Leipzig , October 1, 2020 - The market for electricity storage and solutions for self-sufficiency with solar power is growing rapidly. SENEC, one of the leading companies in the industry, is at the forefront of this development and is on a rapid growth course. Now, in Aurélie Alemany, the company has gained an experienced manager who can distribute the associated tasks on more shoulders and master the challenges ahead.


Aurélie Alemany gained her first management experience in the chemical industry after studying process engineering and has been working in the energy industry since 2011. For the past five years she worked at Yello Strom GmbH in Cologne, most recently as managing director. Just like SENEC, Yello is a subsidiary of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe. During this time, she drove forward the introduction of agile collaboration as well as the digitization and automation of sales processes. As managing director, she was responsible for setting up the e-mobility services and the solar energy business at Yello. She was instrumental in driving forward the dovetailing of the sales brands EnBW, Yello and SENEC and will vigorously continue on this path as CEO of SENEC GmbH.


Vision of an integrated and sustainable energy world

"SENEC's solutions enable people to take the energy transition into their own hands and to become self-sufficient in their energy supply," says Aurélie Alemany. "My goal is to expand the company's position as a leading provider of self-sufficiency solutions and to strengthen cooperation with the other EnBW companies. Together we will realize the vision of a networked, sustainable energy world for our customers." Aurélie Alemany continues: "To do this, we are focusing on our specialist partners and are becoming significantly more present as an end customer brand. An important factor for our success is the further development of our corporate culture, which is based on the appreciation of our customers and employees."


In the management of SENEC GmbH, Aurélie Alemany shares the tasks with the previous managing directors Thomas Augat and Jaron Schächter. In addition to the overall responsibility as CEO - a role that was newly created - and her future role as the representative and "face" of the company in public, she will oversee the international business activities of SENEC. Building on her many years of expertise at Yello, she will also play a key role in the areas of marketing and sales, and the development of digital products and services and promote cooperation within the EnBW group. Aurélie Alemany will also be in charge of the energy sector, with a particular focus on customer communication.